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Established in 2002, DSRM is highly regarded in the area of Corporate Employee Safety for it's work in sexual violence and drugs used in crime, which aside from rape, includes kidnapping, human trafficking, child abduction, and the rapidly growing illegal body organ trade. These issues are particularly concerning for those on business trips, international or otherwise.

A simple after work drink could end in the most tragic consequences. An emploee's young child or teenager going to or from school might not get there, or may get caught up in gang activity, a constant worry for many parents.

DSRM clients have included both public and private organisations. Private organisations have included companies from the Fortune 100 list. Public companies have included the United States Army, Korean government, police & prosecutors.

DSRM addresses the potential threats against your employees, and their families, reducing your risks of business disruptions.

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Anthony Hegarty MSc speaks at an International Police Conference on Drugs

DSRM - Anthony Hegarty MSc addresses an international police conference on drugs used to commit crime.


Anthony Hegarty MSc


A career rooted in New Scotland Yard, Anthony Hegarty MSc has worked across the Far East in Human Trafficking and Sexual Violence Prevention, which has included lecturing at multiple universities.

With an MSc in Criminal Psychology & Criminology, and a BSc in Security & Risk Mgmt.  to top 30 years of experience on international crime, he understands the behaviours of those who would do your employees and their families harm.
More about Anthony Hegarty MSc...

Anthony Hegarty MSc briefs govt. officials on rising crime.

School Safety

Having conducted so many global operations on the protection of children, it was only natural to convert the acquired knowledge into an educational package for young people and their parents. He has excelled himself with Drugs: The Dark Side, which is now available to schools, companies, and government associations.

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