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Employee Safety

Regardless of the great efforts by in-house Security Professionals, there are times when they just can't be there for you, and you have to think for yourself.

Employee Safety

We provide 3 services which will help your staff to protect themselves and their families.

Stay Safe Journal
Drugs: The Dark Side
Automated Presentations

Working parents naturally worry about their teenage (and younger) kids falling in with the wrong crowds, yet lack suitable drug prevention materials to interest that age group. Other employees are sometimes tempted to consume drugs themselves.

Most young people who end up on hospital life support machines after taking unknown substances, did so because they made a bad choice, and trusted the wrong person.

Other people consume drugs without knowing, commonly known as Date Rape Drugs, which can lead to all sorts of personal disasters...

Here your employees will have full access to Drugs: The Darks Side; a 301 page full colour e-book covering 15 common drug types.

How do criminals behave? How do they select their victims? When you have an understanding of this, you can adjust your own behaviours to mitigate any vulnerabilities which could be exploited.

Criminal blackmail / extortion is now a common tool used to force employees to divulge corporate data, and there are arguably less hacking incidents than what are reported.

Your employees can now receive this bi-weekly 10minute read publication which will keep them safer.

Additionally, Team Leaders receive the main points bulletin which they can deliver to their team in a few minutes keeping everyone up to speed on personal safety.

We recognise that busy employees do not have the time to attend workshop presentations on their safety, so we have automated them. Another growing library that you have full access to.

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