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drugs education Rescuing a Patient

Why did DSRM produce Drugs: The Dark Side?

The sight of so many parents sitting at the sides of the hospital beds of their kids; (kids, who in most cases had simply made a bad choice), in the last moments before switching off their life support machines broke my heart, because I am a father first, and that was the sole motivating factor behind The Dark Side project, which took me 2 years to develop. I just wanted to do something!     Anthony Hegarty MSc

Redardless of how you may feel about drugs, the fact is, they are easily obtainable, by both adults and juveniles alike. Everyday, young people lose their lives to drugs, too many of them simply excited teenagers believing themselves to be invincible and ready to take any risk life throws at them; as well as those trapped by peer pressure.

Contributing to the problem is too many good parents believe it wouldn't happen to their kids, based only upon the fact that they had raised them well. Unfortunately, that no longer counts!

Because so many people take drugs, often starting out from presecription painkillers, it is highly possible that some of your employees will be dependent on them too.


So we concern ourselves with two groups. The using employees; and the employees who would like to educate their kids on drugs, but have failed to find any materials that would interest the average teenager - which is the strong point of The Dark Side.

If employees have concerns about their kids dabbling in drugs, they are highly unlikely to discuss it in the workplace, hence simply making the materials available to them is likely to produce the most favourable outcomes.

Therefore, by making this resource available to your workforce, you greatly reduce the risks of business disruption.

Whilst the information is sold on a single unit basis, we ask you to contact us for B2B opportunities.

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