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Higher Education Student Safety

Regardless of how much is reasonably spent on physical security at higher education establishments, challenges relative to sexual violence and the long term negative impacts it creates, remain.


Remember, the type of people who live within our prison systems, also live outside it!

Student Safety

Students, like so many young people, often feel they are invincible, and they often attempt to demonstrate this on the weekends during socialising activities; sometimes consuming alcohol and or illegal drugs.

This leaves them vulnerable to many types of crimes, to include sex crimes, which occur in areas, such as private rooms, where security guards will not be present.

We focus on the safety of students by providing details of criminal behavioural patterns, as well as information on drugs, in order that students can adjust their own behaviours to reduce their vulnerabilities.

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Security Audits

For school security audits, to ensure you are receiving the services you actually need, and the level of service you have paid for; contact us for Risk & Crisis Management Services.


DSRM Anthony Hegarty MSC delivers training to Korean university students on sexual violence...

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