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Corporate Training & Education

The Misuse of Drugs negatively impacts companies around the world through absenteeism, costly errors, and death. There are also indirect impacts when employee family members are negatively impacted by drug use.

The perception of a heroin addict is some homeless youth who is high on the drug, yet many addicts are professional people who need the fix not to get high, but just to reach normal, as they fight the effects of withdrawal.

DSRM provides Corporate Training & Educational Institution lectures on Security, Violence and Drug Related Crime. Please contact for details.

WE ARE CURRENTLY SEEKING PARTNERS who can deliver Drug Abuse Prevention / Awareness Training to schools and private organisations. The DSRM course consists of:


  • Drugs: The Dark Side - a 214 page (10 Unit) full colour guide to the dangers of the most commonly abused drugs (see preview in slideshow below...);

  • Instructor's Manual -

  • 10 PowerPoint Presentations -

  • 70 Videos supporting the Presentation files

  • Regular updates from DSRM


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