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Female Child Sex Offender Types

We do not hear much about female child sex offenders, so we tend to think there are far less of them, or that child sexual abuse is a “male crime.”

Generally speaking, there are 3 types of females who sexually abuse children…:

1. Females who have the same sexual desires as male child sex offenders.

2. Unstable, highly insecure, low self-esteem females who are under the control of their dominant male partners. It is the male partner who is the child abuser, or is in the trade of child sexual abuse. He takes advantage of his weak partner who is often in the child care industry and forces her to abuse and photograph the children in her care; or indeed her own children. Failure to comply will end the relationship, something she feels she is unable to cope with...

She will often employ sleep inducing drugs to render her child victims more defenceless, and for those in her care, such as in a day-centre, to prevent them from speaking to their parents, due to the memory loss from the drugs.

Her being captivated by her lover does not make the offence any less serious!

3. Often referred to as the “teacher type” this female is sexually attracted to younger teenage boys. She is often aged between mid 30s to upper 50s.

She is referred to as the teacher type because we more frequently read of this type of offence being carried out on students by their offender teachers. The vulnerable teen (often male) is often attracted by the idea of sex and is unable to foresee the likely mental trauma being inflicted.


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