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 About DSRM 

Anthony Hegarty MSc

Experienced Risk / Crisis Manager with experience of major projects which include the PyeongChang Winter Olympics and the Seoul G20 Summit.

Experienced investigator. Have trained Japanese Police, & supported the Korean Police and Supreme Prosecutors.

After many years of corporate security consulting, I saw a gap in the security industry, in that nobody was looking out for the commuting employee, despite the rises in crime. This came at a time when companies were stressing their credentials on being caring; the Work-Life Balance, etc etc. But safety outside of work hours, not just commuting, but weekends, vacations, family members etc, was clearly being overlooked.

Yet, any form of victimisation against an employee, or indeed, an employee's family member, has a direct impact on the company, either through loss of concentration, and or time off. In some areas, such as California, companies have to compensate employees who have time off after victimisation, despite the company being unrelated to the incident.

I therefore focus now on the distribution of STAY SAFE, a monthly crime newsletter which companies can share with their workforce, giving them knowledge of how crimes are committed, and how best to avoid victimisation.

      Anthony Hegarty

  • MSc - Criminology & Criminal Psychology

  • BSc - Security & Risk Mngt.


  • Trainer to Japan Police

  • International criminal investigations

  • Speaker - international crime conferences

  • Sexual Violence

  • University lecturer - Crime

  • Corporate Security Consultant

A healthy body is key to a healthy mind -
the first line of personal defence.

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