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 About DSRM 

Anthony Hegarty MSc

[ British Police / Private Security Industry ]


Ex-London Police Detective with 30 years on private security operations in the Far East. Corporate security consulting, Female / Child Security. Experienced in Human Trafficking operations, violence, drug trafficking & drug related violence.

A trainer to Japanese police, consultant for Korean Police & Special Prosecutors' Office. Author of a number of books and multiple newspaper articles.

Jim Sharp

[ Royal Marines / British Police / Private Security Industry ]


Jim comes from Securitas (Korea) where he was the Vice President of Operations. An expert in Maritime Security / Oil & Gas projects, Geopolitical-Intelligence-Analysis / Situation Estimates – Managing Maritime Security Teams off Somali Coastline and broader region. Oil & Gas projects in Nigeria, as well as a skilled investigator, rooted in his time as a Regional Crime Squad officer in the UK. He holds the UK SIA Close Protection License.

Adversaries; those who wish harm on you and or your organisation, can be distinguished based upon their motivations.

Understanding such motivations allows us to better anticipate the type/s of Man-Made Threats you might be facing. For example:

Criminal Outsider:        Motivated by greed

Disgruntled Employee:  Motivated by anger; feels he has been wronged by the company and is intent on "putting things right."

Foreign Agent:            Motivated by greed and cause. Usually a foreign national, possibly in the employ of a foreign government.

Terrorist:                   Motivated by ideological cause / warped interpretation of religious beliefs.



These Man-Made Threats are in addition to Natural Threats such as typhoons, earthquakes, fires, avalanches, etc. Your organisation might be situated in a region where government resources are not capable of providing the level of response you may require to keep your business operational.


Threats such as pollution and pandemics such as a virus are arguably man-made, although not necessarily intentional. However, as the Chinese Wuhan Corona-virus has demonstrated, government responses can be slow, despite satisfactory infrastructure being in place, perhaps due more to political concerns, as oppose to capabilities.

Therefore, having Response Plans prepared / regularly updated / rehearsed, is a vital objective for any organisation.