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Anthony Hegarty MSc

Academic Qualifications

  • Criminal Psychology & Criminology - MSc

  • Security & Risk Management - BSc

  • Forensic Science - Diploma x 2

I commenced my law enforcement career at New Scotland Yard, but cut short my service after 10 years to persue a career in the private sector.

In that capacity I have operated mainly in the Far East with extended periods in Indonesia, Japan and South Korea.

In South East Asia I ran covert intelligence operations on human trafficking gangs servicing predominantly the sex tourism industry. The operations involved surveillance &  infiltration, as well as directing disruptions.

I spent 3 years training the Japanese Police, have supported the Korean Police & Supreme Prosecutors' Office on complex criminal investigations.

I have Crisis Managed multiple international events, preparing country evacuation plans as well as safe housing.

I created Korea's first background screening service aimed at the education sector after discovering a pattern of sex offenders entering the country to work as English teachers. Other patterns of criminality I have discovered include likely serial offenders & missing Korean women.

I am deeply passionate about sexual violence and child protection.

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