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DSRM operates in 5 key areas...

Executive Protection


Airport pick-up

To Hotel / Function

24/7 Cover

Advanced Route Reconnaissance
& Mapping

Make your trip to Korea a memorable & trouble free one.

Stay Safe Journal

Stay Safe Journal

STAY SAFE  JOURNAL provides personal security for your entire workforce, from the executives at the top, to the critical players on the ground, as well as their families!

We keep your staff safe OUTSIDE WORK HOURS... commuting / weekends etc...
Crime Victims have higher rates of absenteesism as well as presenteeism. Crime also adds to employee turnover and the associated costs; even higher when the individual is key to a significant project.

Such issues, as well as other aspects of potential victimisation, will only be mitigated with a proper understanding of the behaviours of such offenders, but delivered in a simplified easy-to-read format.

Security Room

Risk & Crisis Mgmt. & Investigations

Effective corporate security will have fully assessed your assets and the threats posed to them, as well as any vulnerabilities which could be exploited.

This is a fluid operation that is constantly changing, as will your Business Continuity Operational Planning.

Consider having your current security operation fully audited to ensure you are receiving the best value for money.
If you have an existing security operation; perhaps an international event, or the safety of your facilities, outsourced to regional partners, you may wish to have the project overseen. Please contact DSRM to discuss the matter.


Insider threats can include various forms of blackmail, debt exploitation, and procurement fraud, where suppliers create cabals to fix prices; sometimes with the assistance of an internal bad actor.

Drug abuse - marijuana

Drugs: The Dark Side

Substance Abuse now accounts for most industrial accidents, fatalities, and low work performance across the UK & USA. Equally concerning are the daily distractions working parents have regarding their kids getting to and home from school, often having to walk the gauntlets of marauding criminal drugs' gangs.

Suicides are often blamed on work-related stress damaging the corporate brand, yet drugs are often central to the depressive mental states of those addicted to them, which can, and often does, lead to suicide.


This project allows your employees to better educate both themselves, and their kids on the potential risks of drug abuse, instead of simply telling them not to do drugs.




DSRM training US Military

Training Presentations / Workshops

Recognising that not all organisations can devote time to training sessions, we have AUTOMATED PowerPoint Slideshows to allow your employees (& their families) to watch them in their own time. This spreads the safety message outside the workplace and into the employees' homes, creating safer communities, and what is more, providing your employees with peace of mind for their families.

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