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Keeping Employees Safe!
After Work!



With few exceptions, employees are essentially safe while in the workplace, however, DSRM recognises the risks faced by employees during their commute to and from work with rising crime and violence levels; the challenges they face while working from home, as well as the concerns they have about family members, particularly children and increasing drug issues. 

There are typically 5 stages to a commute between the workplace and home...

  1. the journey from the workplace to the bus /subway station

  2. the wait for the transportation to arrive

  3. the journey aboard the transportation

  4. the exit from the subway / bus station

  5. the walk home (the last mile journey)

An employee not making it into work can result in a major disruption.

How Can You Reduce the Risks to Your Staff?

Employee Safety - After Work

We provide a unique service which will help your staff to protect themselves and their families, reducing the risks of business disruptions.

Stay Safe Journal

Your employees have to commute to and from the workplace - many of them on public transport, in these times of seemingly out of control crime rates. They also have the parental worries of their kids going to school and then getting home again.

The Suzy Lamplugh Trust (UK) reported that 88% of commuters experienced violent, aggressive or sexual behaviours on public transport (UK).

Violent crime on the New York subway system is now so bad that the National Guard has been drafted in.


Stay Safe Journal is a unique publication your employees can access through this website providing not just easy-to-read explanations on why and how certain individuals commit crimes, but how they select their targets / victims.

When your staff have an understanding of this, they can adjust their own behaviours to mitigate any vulnerabilities which could be exploited.

Written and produced by DSRM CEO, Anthony Hegarty MSc...

date rape drugs
Stalking 1
Rape 2 - Stay Safe Journal
Rape 3 - Stay Safe Journal
Spatial Awareness
Aggressive commuters can destroy one's commute to and from work...
Sexual Assault against the elderly...

Keep Employees Safe!

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