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 Our Services

Security Consulting

​Risk Management provides a rational and defensible method for making cost effective policies to protect corporate assets. Risk Avoidance, on the other hand, is doing everything possible to prevent loss or damage, usually at considerable cost, without proper consideration given to the degree of risks present.

We can provide the assessments necessary to determine the type of security programme you need, at a cost relative to the value of the assets you need to protect. This could be a ground-up project, or an assessment of an existing security programme.

[ Security Assessments / Corporate Training / Major Event Security / Travel Security / Female & Child Security / Investigations / Education & Training ]

Maritime / Oil & Gas

Somali pirates captured the world news with repeated hijackings of ​oil tankers. These incidents had / have serious knock-on negative impacts for the tanker owners, whose businesses are severely disrupted. In the event of attacks on the facilities which produce the oil and gas, then the effects are felt throughout the global economy.

Other threats facing this industry include:

  • Piracy

  • Terrorism

  • Civil Protests

  • Civil Wars

  • Regional Conflicts

  • Internal Disruptions (sabotage)

Please contact us to discuss your particular set of circumstances.