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Pre-employment screening plays a pivotal role in maintaining a safe and secure work environment. By scrutinizing candidates' criminal records, employment history, and references, employers can identify any red flags indicative of past misconduct or behavior that might pose a threat to workplace safety.

However, due diligence has its limitations, particularly when hiring younger people for their first job. Even well-intentioned young people from the best backgrounds and the best schools fall into the trap of drugs, not readily visible during a job interview. Some people begin using drugs in higher education and by the time they graduate (assuming they make it) are regular consumers, or sadly, functional addicts.

DRUGS: The Dark Side - DSRM offers a full course (online) on the dangers of drugs which you can now implement into your hiring process. You can choose between a candidate who has gone through the course and thus has a thorough understanding of the consequences of drug abuse, or a candidate who has not.

Certificate of Completion

Every job applicant submits multiple documents during the application process.

Ask your applicants to submit one more - the DSRM DRUGS: The Dark Side Certificate of Completion will demonstrate the candidate has an understanding of the dangers of drugs.

Costs for your Organisation

  1. £0.00 - the small cost for this course is borne by the applicant (perhaps refunded by you upon hiring).

  2. Your organisation could also receive DSRM's monthly Stay Safe Journal (at no cost (relative to the number of Dark Side participants)) which provides solid practical information for your employees to reduce risks of criminal victimisation for themselves (and their families) when outside the workplace such as commuting / business trips etc.

    Keeping Employees Safe reduces risks of them being unable to work due to criminality and mitigates the risks of business disruptions.


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