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Drugs: The Dark Side

Drug education for kids
Drug education materials
Youth drug education
Drug education curriculum
Drug prevention
Drug addiction
Substance abuse
Drug abuse
Drug education
Drug education curriculum
Drug awareness resources
Youth drug education



  1. Inhalants

  2. Marijuana

  3. Methamphetamine

  4. MDMA

  5. Cocaine

  6. Crack Cocaine

  7. Heroin

  8. Synthetic Drugs
    Bath Salts / Synthetic Marijuana /

    251 NBOMEe

  9. LSD

  10. Date Rape Drugs
    Rohypnol / Ketamine / GHB

  11. Fentanyl

Self-Study Course:

Drugs: The Dark Side - E-TEXT BOOK
Text book Format / Layout
  • 301 colour pages / 12 Units
  • each unit divided into easy to follow subsections
1. What do you know about....?
Drug awareness resources
4. Effects of .... use on the brain?
Drug education curriculum
7. Mixing.... with alcohol?
Youth drug education
2. Street names for....?
Drug education materials
5. Can a user overdose on....?
Harmful effects of drugs
8. A short history of....?
Drug education materials
3. What happens to your brain....?
Drug awareness campaign
6. .... Addiction?
Drug dangers and risks
9. True stories: impacts of drugs.
Drug awareness for parents
10. Videos to support learning...
School drug education

Employees with their own kids can relate to them, the tragedies that drugs bring.

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Automated Presentations

We have a growing library of Automated Presentations which can be used in classroom sessions, for teacher training, or parents. Click on the slide to watch this sample presentation on Date Rape Drugs...

(samples may not visible on mobile devices)

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date rape drugs

The Dark Side - Date Rape Drugs Drinks are commonly laced with certain drugs to create unconsciousness and memory loss.

You can find more information on this growing library of Automated Presentations here.

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We have found that once you have delivered any of the presentation lectures once or twice, then the process becomes very simple.
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