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Industrial Accidents
do NOT "just happen"



Multiple governments around the world are attempting to tackle the opioid crisis, much of which came about through the innocent use of (highly addictive) prescription opioid painkillers.

Two well-intentioned policies aimed at tackling this crisis, risk making the situation worst:


As government health policies restrict access to Opioid Painkiller Prescription Medications, users are going online or to friends seeking alternatives, such as heroin and fake synthetic opioid drugs.


Due to a national addiction crisis the Taliban government of Afghanistan has a policy to reduce opium crops and are destroying fields of the poppy Papaver somniferum, the natural source of morphene. Afghanistan provides (illegally) 90% of Europe's heroin supply. As these supplies are choked off, more users become desperate for other sources, and as such online solutions like Fake Fentanyl.

The biggest user group of opioids are not party-going teenagers, but people who have reached their middle life, 40s & 50s. This is the time of life when many people require pain management medications. These are also individuals who are well established in their working lives...


Stock Market Down

Addicts do not all look like this...


Functional Addicts


Functional addicts are those who are addicted to one or multiple drugs and who continue to abuse substances, not to get high, but to simply appear normal and to fight off the effects of withdrawal. Many functional addicts are members of the workforce, and you would struggle to notice their addictions and personal battles.

But drug abuse is not limited to mid-life prescription accidental traps. Younger people (as well as older) are attracted to many other illegal substances.

It cannot be overstated that drug use among working people poses significant dangers, extending beyond immediate impairment. Even when substances are undetectable in popular random screening tests, the lingering mental / physical impacts can include decreased productivity, accidents, strained relationships, and potential career derailment due to long-term health issues or legal repercussions. These hidden consequences serve as a stark reminder of the enduring risks associated with substance abuse in professional settings...

How Can You Reduce Your Risks?
Drug education for kids
Drug education materials
Youth drug education
Drug education curriculum
Drug prevention
Drug addiction
Substance abuse
Drug abuse
Drug education
Drug education curriculum
Drug awareness resources
Youth drug education

Employee Training (On-Line)

Drugs: The Dark Side:

This publication was written and published by DSRM CEO Anthony Hegarty MSc.
This 12 Part Short Course on the dangers of drugs is available online through this website.

Those who complete the course receive their Completion Certificate, a copy of which can be retained by HR Managers.

Pre-Employment Screening


Drugs: The Dark Side

Use this course as a tool for Pre-employment screening. Opt for candidates who have shown an interest in this highly destructive social habit and can produce the completion certificate as a part of their application process. Learn more about our pre-employment screening offer here.

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