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I am  a pupil/student!

Everyone knows that drugs are bad, but then so is tobacco and alcohol. People use them, so why not drugs?

I have been told that drugs are more dangerous, but in what way; how are they more dangerous?

I am a teacher!

I am responsible for keeping our kids safe from drugs. I do not have a background in this subject area, and I hvae been struggling to find resources which will get the class interested and hopefully steer them in the right direction. But I need help in preparing good lessons!

Keep Kids Safe!

I am a parent!

I am very concerned about my kids walking to school, and then walking home again, as I don't get home until after 6pm. I know there are gangs in the area, but I don't have the knowledge of drugs to educate my kids to keep them safe from harm.

County Lines Project - Fighting Back!



In July 2021, it was reported that:

  • 27,000 children in England had been victims of County Lines Gangs (drug dealers spreading beyond major cities).

  • ages 15 ~ 17 are the most commonly targetted groups...

  • ...but children as young as 7 have been recruited.

DSRM is arming schools, parents, local governments and companies with the knowledge to fight back!

"It has been clear for a number of years that we are now competing with criminal gangs for the minds of our children. We have to offer our kids more interest and excitement than what drug dealers are tempting them with. We believe the materials we have produced goes some way to achieving this"

Anthony Hegarty MSc




1. Drugs: The Dark Side

2. Instructor Manual & 
    Presentation Files

3. Automated 



  1. Parents & their teenage kids

  2. Teachers & Educators

301-page Full Colour E-Book

Arguably, the biggest driver for youth drug taking is peer pressure. Just  walk away and find new friends is a very big ask for many young teenagers.

However, once we create a culture of disaproval, that rejection of peer pressure becomes much easier.

Drugs: The Dark Side was designed for teenagers and parents to gain an understanding of the destructive nature of drugs.

This 301page full colour e-book covers:
Inhalants/ Marijuana/ Methamphetamine/ MDMA/ Cocaine/ Crack Cocaine/ Heroin/ Synthetic Drugs (Bath Salts/ Synthetic Marijuana/ N-Bomb)/ LSD/ Date Rape Drugs (Rohypnol/ Ketamine/ GHB)/ Fentanyl.


  1. Teenagers

  2. Teachers & Educators

Fully Prepared PPT Files (lessons) & Instructor Manual for Teachers

Each of the 12 Units of Drugs: The Dark Side is supported by an Instructor's Manual and a PowerPoint Presentation File.

Other than pre-lesson reading there is no preparation time required by the teachers.

The lesson plans follow a simple pattern with Teaching / Explain Points, where the instructor can elaborate with additional information.

These presentation files are seperate from the Automated Presentations; although they too can be utilised in a classroom setting.



  1. Parents & their teenage kids

  2. Teachers & Educators

Fully Automated Presentation Files

We recognise that busy teachers do not have the time to prepare special lectures on specialist subjects outside their own subject matter.

What is more, inviting external specialists into schools can be very expensive.

Our fully automated presentations cover these concerns, and what is more, are captivating for young people and adults alike.

But these presentations are not intended only for teachers and students, they are also for parents, to prepare them to better engage their kids.


Watching the presentations in their own time, also removes the need for schools to prepare special parent evenings to share the information with otherwise busy parents.

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