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School Safety

Regardless of the great efforts by school staff, the safety of our kids is a joint effort between schools and parents; as well as the kids themselves.

Keep Kids Safe!

School Safety

We provide 3 services which will help protect the kids in your school.


Drugs: The Dark Side


Automated Presentations


Stay Safe Journal

Arguably, the biggest driver for youth drug taking is peer pressure. Just  walk away and find new friends is a very big ask for many young teenagers.

However, once we create a culture of disaproval, that rejection of peer pressure becomes much easier.

Drugs: The Dark Side was designed for teenagers and parents to gain an understanding of the destructive nature of drugs.

The 301page full colour e-book covers:
Inhalants/ Marijuana/ Methamphetamine/ MDMA/ Cocaine/ Crack Cocaine/ Heroin/ Synthetic Drugs (Bath Salts/ Synthetic Marijuana/ N-Bomb)/ LSD/ Date Rape Drugs (Rohypnol/ Ketamine/ GHB)/ Fentanyl.

We recognise that busy teachers do not have the time to prepare special lectures on specialist subjects outside their subject matter.

What is more, inviting external specialists into schools can be very expensive.

Our fully automated presentations cover these concerns, and what is more, are captivating for young people and adults alike.


This is a bi-weekly or monthly newsletter which will not only keep school staff safe from crime, but which schools can send out to their parents to give them an understanding of how crime happens, and how victims are selected, allowing them to adjust their own patterns, and those of their kids, to reduce risks of victimisation.

Many young kids are caught out online by deceptive operators who demand money or other favours leading to depression and often destructive self-coping strategies.

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