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Presentations - Fully Automated

Organisations often lack the time or financial resources to bring in external speakers to address social concerns which could negatively impact those in their care. We have addressed this with these fully automated presentations.

Multiple other presentations are currently in the writing / production stages, and will be added here once they are ready.

Drug abuse - inhalants

Inhalants: In this presentation we cover the growing trend of inhaling gas for a cheap high. A trend which has become very attractive to young people in the dance and rave scenes, but which has also left many of them wheelchair bound. What is the relationship between nitrous oxide gas, Vitamin B12, and the risks of neurological problems?

Drug education - Marijuana

Marijuana: In this presentation we cover the consequences of marijuana use, particularly by teenagers, and issues of schizophrenia. We look at a number of terrorist incidents which have been committed by young men who fell into the trap of youth gangs, marijuana, and violence...

Drug education - Date Rape Drugs

Date Rape Drugs: In this presentation we cover not only the three most commonly used drugs in sexual assaults, but also the challenges faced by police & prosecutors in bringing charges against suspects when the victim has no memory of the incident...

Drug education - Heroin

Updated - June 2023

Heroin: In this presentation we cover not only the recent rise in heroin production, but the rise in trafficking...why are so many middle class persons turning to heroin, and what is the relationship with prescription opioid drugs...?

Drug education

MDMA: MDMA is a very popular drug of choice for many young people attending outdoor music festivals, concerts, and nightclubs. So let us look at how the drug works, once it is consumed. Then we will examine the risks involved in this drug.

Drug education

GANGS: The exciting life, the money, the power, and so many other rewards falsely offered by gangs to vulnerable teenagers, some of whom will die alone in the street. Here we look at what tempts so many young people into this high risk lifestyle and how we might deter them.

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