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Spatial Awareness

This is the introductory issue all Stay Safe Journal readers start with.

It is a little longer than other issues, but is designed to generate thinking about one’s personal space, and how to keep unwanted persons out of it.

A number of crimes are touched upon in this issue, but note that they are revisited in more depth in issues devoted to them.

Thank You & Stay Safe


Stalking 1

We frequently read of celebrities being stalked; often by mentally challenged individuals.

However, a far greater problem exists with the average person being stalked by those, wanting to form a relationship, already in a relationship (with the victim), or from a previous relationship.

Fortunately, we know enough about the partner stalker to understand their patterns of behaviour, allowing any victim to take better control of the situation.


Aggressive Commuters

People get angry at different times for different reasons. But sometimes, in some people, the anger takes over them.

A trigger can cause the said anger to be expressed. That trigger can be anything, but it will mean something to the angry individual.

If confronted by such an individual, perhaps on the way to work, or out with your kids, what should you do to stay safe...

Rape Myths

Rape Myths

Despite there being so much knowledge and understanding about the rapist, police, prosecutors, defenders and even judges appear to accept excuses as explanations, often leaving the victim in considerable distress.

What are some of these common myths we should all understand in order to challenge those who should really know better?


Elderly Victims

You might have an elderly relative that you care about. They might live near you, or some distance away. Them living alone might add to your concerns, but even living with an elderly partner, despite alleviating your concerns of their loneliness, will not reassure your unease regarding their security.

Sadly, there is a criminal type that targets elderly people...



No major city would be complete without pickpockets. Indeed,
it's such a lucrative crime that gangs travel the world over to exploit areas where large gatherings are taking place, such as international sporting events, rock concerts, busy shopping areas at Christmas, and popular tourist attractions.

Pickpockets work as well organised teams to provide distractions, cover, and or create a
crowded space, in which you are trapped...


Sextortion 1

Some people wrongly believe that because they have close families and great relationships with their kids, issues such as Sextortion, drugs, or other negative events will not affect them.

However, in the cases cited here, and too many others, the teenage victims came from close and loving families... so here we explain how these scam artists operate and what can lead to youth suicides...


Date Rape Drugs 1​


The term “Date Rape Drugs” is a little misleading as the victim and the assailant may not in fact be on a date, and may be complete strangers to each other.​


The three most commonly used date rape drugs are Rohypnol, Ketamine and GHB. Other drugs such as MDMA are also used for this offence but alcohol remains the most commonly used date rape tool.


Within this publication I will explain GHB - Gamma-hydroxybutyric acid.


Baggage Safety

When travelling we often use locks for our bags because we fear something being stolen from within. But in fact, the bags are still easy to open and reclose leaving no trace of the intrusion.

However, have you ever considered something being placed inside your bags, such as illicit drugs? This happens, and being arrested and imprisoned in far off lands is serious, particularly if it happens to one's children...


Rape 2


Why do men commit rape? Or is it better to ask; why do most men not rape?​


Rapists have been divided into typologies: Anger, Power, Sadist & Opportunistic. Here I will explain 

Opportunistic rapists who are adventure-seeking, and impulsive.


They do not typically commit violence, other than the rape itself, but may exhibit a level of force necessary to overpower the victim when they fight back...


Female Travellers 1

The threats faced by women travellers are also faced by men; but there are some characteristics in the criminal behavioural patterns of offenders which tend to differ relative to victim selection, and gender is one.

Japan offers female only subway cars. They are particularly popular during the tightly packed rush hours. However, during late night trips would you feel safer alone in
such a car, or in a car with other men?


Sexual Abuse of the Elderly


Vulnerabilities are generally sought out by sex offenders; and when the victim is unable, or unlikely, to report the assault, then they become more attractive targets.

Elderly people suffering with dementia type illnesses will fall into this category of vulnerable persons, and sex offenders can exploit them.

What steps can you take to protect an elderly loved one, be they at home or in care facilities...


Child Sexual Abuse 1


There is NO PROFILE for an individual sexually attracted to children. It isn’t a poor homeless man, a homosexual, a violent offender, a rapist, a follower of any particular religion, or anyone else of any specific characteristic.

Studies suggest that up to one in five girls and one in 20 boys will be sexually abused before they are 18 years old. More than 90 percent of child sexual abuse victims know their abuser...


Catalytic Converter Thefts

The Catalytic Converter controls the emissions from your car’s exhaust system.

The devices contain precious metals which convert the harmful gases into water vapour. These metals are very valuable, and are traded on the black market. Even emergency response vehicles are being targetted.

How can you protect your car from this form of theft?


Building Falls

Each year in the US, 15 to 20 children under the age of 11 die, and nearly 15,000 are injured, because of falls from windows.


Children who fall from windows are more likely to be boys under the age of 5.


In 1960 psychologists attempted to answer this question; “do young children possess depth perception, and if so, is it learned, or is it innate?"





Travelling with Children 1

Just losing sight of a child for 30
seconds can seem like hours and is a very traumatic experience.

Most people are inherently good, but there are bad people out there who could do our children harm.

Here we look at a common
mistake parents make when
releasing images of their missing




Hijackings are now rare events and very seldom does anyone get hurt.


During the late 1960s, 70s and 80s, there was an average of 32 hijackings per year with an average of 25 deaths per each of those years.

So where are you going to sit –
Aisle Seat or Window Seat?

Should that choice of seat differ if you were on a city bus?


Domestic Violence

Despite there being multiple definitions of domestic violence, they each include a pattern of abusive behaviours by one partner against the other.

The type of violence demonstrated would include physical assault,
or threats of such action; sexual abuse, emotional abuse, controlling personality, intimidation, stalking, neglect and or economic deprivation.

Why do women not leave abusive partners? There are explanations for this...


Rape - 3

Coming Soon...

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