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Accidents Don't Just Happen!

Keeping Employees Safe!


DSRM has been operating since 2006, delivering Risk & Threat Mitigation Strategies & Project Management for major international events such as G20 Summit, ASEA Development Bank Summit, PyeongChang Winter Olympics, and a national Presidential Inauguration Ceremony. DSRM has advised police on complex international criminal investigations, and provided training to the Japanese Police, as well as conducted multiple corporate security audits & investigations...

DSRM provides all the services you would expect from a Risk Management Consultancy, such as...

  • Security Audits

  • Corporate Investigations

  • Travel Security

  • Pre-Employment Screening

  • Event Security (Project Management)

...however, Risk Management relative to Criminal Activities inside & outside (the workplace), and how they impact the business process, sets DSRM aside from other providers...


According to the U.S. Department of Labor, drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace accounts for 65% of accidents.


Despite numerous safety regulations in the workplace, individuals with substance abuse disorders are responsible for 40% of all workplace fatalities.

In the U.K., substance abuse has been linked to 60% of all poor performance and 40% of industrial accidents. 

They further report that 65.7% of adult drug users and 75% of illicit drug users (i.e. 17% of the total workforce) are employed.


With few exceptions, employees are essentially safe while in the workplace, however, we recognise the risks faced by employees during their commute to and from work with rising crime and violence levels; the challenges they face while working from home, as well as the concerns they have about family members, particularly children and increasing drug issues. 

There are typically 5 stages to a commute between the workplace and home...

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