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Security Consulting

Risk & Crisis Management




[ Investigations ]



White Collar Criminals: Motivations are the same as any criminal, but

they are insiders...

[ Corportae Risk Management ]


Asset / Threat / Vulnerability Assessments / Cost Benefit -

Risk Mgmt. Plan

Disaster / Crisis / BCP -

Planning & Implementation.

[ Education / Training ]


Corporate Training Workshops on Security Integration into business process / Travel Security. University lectures: Violence / Child Sexual Abuse.

[ Female / Child Security ]


There are unique threats faced by female travelers, and adults traveling with children.

[ Major Event Security ]


Your organisation is hosting an event with senior executives and important clients in attendance...

DSRM conducted an enquiry into Missing Korean women aged 18~30 years between 2016 and 2019 due to the sudden rise in use of date rape drugs, such as GHB.
The year on year increase also revealed patterns suggesting some of the cases were linked. The patterns were passed to the Korean police for further investigations, and the findings were presented by DSRM's Anthony Hegarty at an international conference on Drug Crime hosted by Korea's Supreme Prosecutors' Office. The last know sightings of the women were plotted onto a Google Map...

A Multi-National Company with manufacturing facilities in Korea requested DSRM to investigate multiple contract bids to check for any irregularities. We discovered that the MNC was a victim of a price rigging cartel made up of their suppliers. Through document & Pattern analysis We identified the ring-leaders as well as the single author of multiple contract bids on behalf of other companies (cartel members).

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