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Risk & Security Mgmt.

British owned & operated DSRM Risk & Crisis Mngt. Consultancy has been operating out of South Korea since 2002, longer than any other established Risk Management provider.

Projects include: Evacuation Plans / Execution; Corporate Investigations; Close Protection; Security Audits; Training...

DSRM clients have included Fortune 100 companies, SMEs, US Military, & Korean Govt. agencies, such as the Korea National Police, Korea Supreme Prosecutors' Office, and the Association Against Drug Abuse.

Setting DSRM apart from other Risk Management providers is the focus on crime and employee safety. DSRM's research into Missing Korean Women exposed the likelihood of multiple serial offenders, detailed onto a Google Map, with current projects focussed on the UK & USA.

Providing Crime & Safety Consulting Services to both entry & established companies in Korea, as well as serving global companies on employee safety through two premier products - Stay Safe & The Dark Side.

Stay Safe

Personal Security has traditionally been for the top tier executives.

STAY SAFE provides personal security for your entire workforce, from the executives at the top, to the critical players on the ground.

We keep your staff safe OUTSIDE WORK HOURS...commuting / weekends etc...


The Dark Side


Companies have a role to play in the rising drug problems which can affect the children of employees, and or employees themselves, impacting the operations.

Now available is the online e-book, The Dark Side, which has been designed specifically for those who just need a simplified explanation.

The book can be downloaded in full, or in its component units.

Click here for more information.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing. Edmund Burke

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